About Kickzsoccer®

Who We Are

Kickzsoccer was formed in 2008 to provide players of all ages and abilities an opportunity to advance their skills and knowledge of the game through our year round advanced camps and programs. With a small group of highly qualified coaches, Kickzsoccer is committed to providing quality and continuity to players and parent coaches by developing and building strong relationships. Welcome to Kickzsoccer!

What services does Kicksoccer® offer?

To Improve Skill and Knowledge of Soccer

As a team or an individual player, Kickzsoccer® has a program to support your needs. Our various camps and programs are appropriate for players of all ages, and are designed to supplement the individual player in their quest to advance their performance, confidence, knowledge, and fitness in a safe and positive learning environment. See program list below for more information:

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Contact Kickzsoccer for more information

Email: Info@Kickzsoccer.com

Phone: NJ Office (908) 452 5826

Why use Kickzsoccer®

Our professional coaching staff possesses extensive playing and coaching experience, combined with a background in teaching. All members of staff hold recognized coaching licenses USSF, NSCAA, FA or equivalent to a high standard. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer year round training, which allows for unrivaled continuity for both teams and individual players with our professional US based staff.

Our Mission and Philosophy Statement

Kickzsoccer is dedicated to advancing both individuals and teams at all levels of play; recreational, travel and premier, by building and improving their skills, knowledge, confidence, fitness, and a sense of teamwork, in a safe and professional learning environment.

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Kickzsoccer welcomes players of all ages and abilities. We offer players & teams a complete soccer education, as well as the opportunity to realize their potential through our specialized seasonal Camps, Team-Training, and our unique Pre-K, Drills 4 Skills, and Team Training programs.

All programs are appropriate for male & female players and founded on the principles of safety, learning and enjoyment. We strongly believe learning takes place in a fun and exciting environment that captures the player’s enthusiasm for the game. All sessions are prepared and carried out with this common purpose by our professional and experienced coaching staff.

We strive to develop players at all levels of play by advancing their skills and knowledge of the game. Sessions are designed to supplement the individual player in their quest to improve their performance, confidence, fitness, initiative, and sense of teamwork. We advocate and encourage high standards of sportsmanship and fair play.