“Advancing Team Performance”

Our Team Training program provides each team with a structured and progressive training program designed to enhance both team and individual development with a member of our highly qualified coaching staff. Parent coaches will experience total access and support from their assigned trainer with mulitple schedule options available, including game-day support and analysis.

  • Continuity assured with Qualified U.S.-Based Staff

  • Fully Certified and Experienced Coaching Staff

  • Curriculum and Performance Evaluation Provided

  • Year Round Team Camps and Programs Available


“No more adjusting to a new trainer every season”

Each Kickzsoccer® trainer is a highly qualified, experienced, US based member of staff. This allows the trainer to be available to work with your team year round to ensure both quality and continuity. The assigned trainer will work closely with the team manager to design and deliver a specific curriculum to improve team performance and maximize development over the course of the season. The ability to offer year-round coaching is unique to Kicksoccer®, we guarantee trainer continuity YEAR after YEAR.


“A structured training program will make all the difference”

Kickzsoccer® will provide a structured and progressive training program developed by the assigned trainer with the team coach to ensure team development. This program will be customized to develop technical, tactical, physical and psychological areas of the game. Sessions will be modified over the course of the season based on game day performances. Continuity is assured, with all sessions delivered by the same trainer at the soccer clubs desired facility.


“IMPROVE RESULTS WITH Game day support & performance analysis”

Game day attendance plays an integral part of the weekly coaching cycle and a great way to supplement weekly team training. On game days your trainer will be responsible for pre-game preparation, tactical support, and post game analysis. This offers a valuable opportunity to analyze the development and performance of the team and help motivate planning of future training sessions.


“Let our knowledgeable and qualified coaching staff help you”

Let Kickzsoccer® evaluate one of the toughest and most important tasks of the season, try-outs! Our knowledgeable and qualified coaching staff will run and evaluate try-outs for your team. Try-outs will be designed to simulate “real-game” situations that will challenge players technical, tactical, physical and psychological areas of the game. Players will be assessed and ranked according to detailed player criteria. Tryouts will be held at a facility of your choice.

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